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Acquire Larger Companies With Less Capital & Time

Imagine having an affordable Acquisition "department" who will find deals, negotiate, finance, and close the acquisition for you without having all the capital or time required.

Skyrocket Your Company Growth

When you acquire your competitor or supplier, you dramatically increase sales and profitability, reduce costs, and build net worth faster. With Kairos, we can reduce the hard work and lower the capital requirements for you, so that it would be a "no-brainer" for a company like yours to begin an acquisition strategy.

At your option, we can source, negotiate, structure financing, and help close the acquisition for you while you focus on your business.

We have a proprietary technique that allows clients to use as little to no capital to acquire another company. This is done by using a lender that secures on the assets and credit worthiness of the target company instead of yours. 

That is not all, on all our acquisitions we perform financial optimizations on assets and working capital that can unlock as much as 15-50% of a company's value within 90 days. 

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During This  Free Strategy Call, We Will

Review Your Company Status

We will review the current state of your company and propose what growth by acquisition could look like. 

Insights Into Acquisition Finance

You will understand how the financial side of growth by acquisition works by using debt and/or equity (investor funds if req.). 

Growth By Acquisition Process

During the call, we will also describe our process of tactical M&A method that makes this work.  

About Daniel Tan

Daniel brings with him 19 years of expertise in M&A (merger and acquisitions) deal-making, business valuation, acquisition/startup capital, and business management. He heads Kairos Business Advisory as Principal and is still active in managing M&A deals for a Private Equity firm. He has engaged in a diverse range of deals, encompassing both small and large transactions, with values ranging from $500,000 in main street to $225 million in mid-market deals. His involvement in various aspects of M&A, such as negotiations, financial modeling, capital advisory, financial and operational optimizations. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are not a business broker. We are strategic M&A advisors with very practical and proven acquisition methods that will have us running circles round mainstreet brokers. When you choose to work with Kairos, it will be like having your own in-house Business Acquisitions expert for a small fraction of the cost. Schedule a call now and ask us about our flexible fee arrangement to fit your needs.

Hourglass in the sand.

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