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Acquire Larger Companies With Less Capital

We help clients acquire larger companies for the same amount of capital by accessing non-traditional financing.

Skyrocket Your Net Worth

Schedule a call with us now to get a free 20 minute strategy session on how to acquire larger companies by tapping into financial techniques used by large private equity transactions. 

When you work with us, we will show you how you could acquire a larger company for the same capital, unlock additional cash from assets and working capital, and if desired, exit the deal with more capital gains in a shorter time. 

An acquisition is time consuming and we limit our client intake so that we can provide each client with the professional diligence they deserve. Speak with us as soon as possible before we get booked up for this period.

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During This  Free Strategy Call, We Will

Review Your Acquisition Plan

We will review the current state of your acquisition plan and identify where we will be able to give your objectives a boost.

Insights Into Strategy

We will briefly go through the methods we use to maximize each acquisition so that your capital is used most efficiently.

Acquisition Process Overview

During the call, we will also go over the process so you know ahead what is required in order to succeed.  

About Daniel Tan

Daniel brings with him 19 years of expertise in M&A (merger and acquisitions) deal-making, business valuation, acquisition/startup capital, and business management. He heads Kairos Business Advisory as Principal and is still active in managing M&A deals for a Private Equity firm. He has engaged in a diverse range of deals, encompassing both small and large transactions, with values ranging from $500,000 in main street to $225 million in mid-market deals. His involvement in various aspects of M&A, such as negotiations, financial modeling, capital advisory, financial and operational optimizations. During his time in private equity deals, he has learned robust financial optimization techniques which he has adapted for small businesses and is available for advisory work to help clients with acquisitions.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are not a business broker. We are strategic M&A advisors with very practical and proven acquisition methods that will have us running circles round mainstreet brokers. When you choose to work with Kairos, it will be like having your own in-house Merger & Acquisitions expert for a small fraction of the cost. Schedule a call now and ask us about our flexible fee arrangement to fit your needs.

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