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Skyrocket Your Growth With Investor Capital For Your Business

We help businesses like yours raise $1 - 25 million in debt or investor capital so you can 3X your growth.

Lack of Capital Delaying Your Company Growth?

Let's face the facts. Growing organically with net income plowbacks can take a long time. Would you rather own 100% of a $1M EBITDA company or 51% of a $5M EBITDA company?

New capital can supercharge your business growth by making organic growth faster or by acquiring your competitor and absorbing their revenue. Many forward-thinking CEOs opt for the latter because it's the fastest route to rapidly increase your top-line revenue, while the synergies drive up your bottom-line profits.

Whether you're seeking to secure new capital through debt or equity to chart your own path to growth, it's time to connect with us today for a complementary strategy call.

During this call, you'll gain a deeper insights into whether new capital for your business is the game-changing move you've been waiting for.

During This  Free Strategy Call, We Will

Review Your Company Status

We will review the current state of company affairs and what your vision is for growth. Your financials will be briefly discussed and capital raise potential estimated. 

Insights Into Growth With New Capital

You will receive an understanding of how the financial side of growth by acquisition works using debt and/or equity (investor funds). 

Capital Raising Process

During the call, you will also be privy to the capital raising process and we will conclude with a likely capital strategy that you could take going forward.. 

About Daniel Tan

Daniel brings with him 19 years of expertise in M&A (merger and acquisitions) deal-making, business valuation, acquisition/startup capital, and business management. He heads Kairos Business Advisory as Principal and is still active in managing M&A deals for a Private Equity firm. he has engaged in a diverse range of deals, encompassing both small and large transactions, with values ranging from $500,000 in main street to $225 million in mid-market deals. His involvement in various aspects of M&A, such as negotiations, financial modeling, capital funding, financial and operational optimizations. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Raising capital is not as simple as deciding how much you need and then approaching investors or capital groups. First, we need to know the true value of your business so we do not sell yourself short. Then, we decide on a growth plan that would excite all investors with an enticing exit plan for them. Last, we need to narrow down investor groups so that we outreach to only those who's investment mandates match your capital raise profile. At Kairos, we got this down to a science and we will get you there!

Hourglass in the sand.

Don't delay! Book a call now & get the capital to Skyrocket Your Business Growth!

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