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Let us uncover the full potential value of your business with our game-changing strategies that can skyrocket your selling price.

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You could get more for your business than what other experts think. Invest in the unique Kairos valuation service and boost your business sale ROI.

We deliver actionable insights tailored to your company, empowering you with the information needed to secure the best transaction price.

You see. Theoretical value is different than actual market sale price. The actual selling price of a business is affected by multiple factors that can be optimized.

Skip the expensive certified valuations that lack buy/sell transaction specific advice. Our detailed report provides the insights you need to price your business for maximum value.

And that's not all – we're not just about market value, we're about optimizing your objectives. Our optimization assessment can unlock additional cash value that can skyrocket your sale price.

What You’ll Get During This Business Valuation Free Strategy Call

Are you looking for a trustworthy, affordable, and expert business valuation for your company? Look no further. With 19+ years of experience, a robust financial background, hundreds of successful valuations and many satisfied customers: expect quality and satisfaction. Schedule a complimentary strategic consultation today and begin to receive insights that will propel your company's sale to heights you've only dreamed of.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

You can start right now by booking your free consultation. You can then start gathering 3-5 years of financial records and any useful information that you want to share with me during our call.

What Happens During the Call

During the call, you may ask questions about the process.  I'll share with you insights into factors influencing business value and, if possible, give a ballpark of how much extra value you can unlock if you work with Kairos.

What Changes After the Call

At the end of our call, you will have a clearer picture of how a business is valued, how transaction dynamics can affect price, and how a buy/sell focused valuation is more suited for your purpoase than a chartered one.

About Daniel Tan

Kairos prioritize professionalism, accuracy and reliability above all else. With a proven track of 19+ years experience in market transactions/valuations, accounting and finance, and business management, I can guarantee that my business valuations are not just theoretical like many others, but practical to sell a business and rooted in deep market knowledge.

  • Have worked on businesses as small as $150K up to US$128 million.
  • Able to emphatize with clients. Sold my first business in 2005, a logistics company I built from scratch to 20 employees.
  • Trained in transaction-based business valuations as a Certified Business Intermediary at the International Business Broker Association in 2015. The gold standard for professional broker certification.
  • Consistently achieved a stellar track record in accurately valuing our clients' businesses, resulting in averaging sale transactions at an impressive 96% of the listed price.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Whether you need a valuation to get a fair market value to support a business sale or succession planning and reorganizations, my commitment to you is to deliver the most efficient and cost effective business valuation service. You'll get a dedicated business partner working step by step on your side, providing you with everything you need to boost your business valuation for maximum ROI, and sell it a fair price, in the easiest and fastest possibile way.


You worked hard to build your business. 

Let us uncover its true full value!

Helping you navigate the complex interplay between business value and how aspects of the business sale process affect the actual sold price of your business.

Review & Analysis of Business Financial Statements

Industry and Current Economic Conditions Review and Analysis

Get Your Professional Business Valuation Report in Just 5-7 Days

5 Years Recasting to Add Back Owner Benefits Income

Balance Sheet Review to Assess Enterprise Value

Include a Session to Explain How to Use the Information

Detailed Data Pull of 2-4 Sold Transactions of Similar Businesses

Recommendation of Sale Terms Based on Norms for Industry Analysis

Bonus: Additional Advice to Get a Higher Payout Selling Your Business

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Whether you are planning to sell now or in the upcoming months/years, knowing your business value now, will give you more time to boost its value.


Are you a broker? Am I required to engage you to sell my business after I complete a valuation with you?

I am not a broker. However, I am experienced in business sale and acquisitions that provide me with deep market insights into business value. This expertise is usually only available to clients of professional brokers. I am offering this to you independent of a no-obligation transaction advisory engagement.

How does your valuation differ from certified/chartered valuations?

Chartered valuations usually cost from $5,000 to $20,000 and they spend a lot of time calculating minute details about the theoretical value. Often, these are required due to court litigations where the judge needs a specific number. Even then, it is theoretical. My transaction focused valuations cost much less and offer much more than a certified if you are using it to buy/sell a business. In a sale, almost never will a business transact at the theoretical business value. Many factors influence the transacted price of a business, like the deal structure, financing options, buyer type, market conditions, and more. I provide you with invaluable insights like these in my reports.

If I am not sure if I want to sell yet but want to do a valuation, will you be able to update the report later with new financial figures?

Yes, absolutely! There will just be a small nominal fee to update a report. A valuation report is a great scorecard that you can make so that you know where your business stands now, and what it will be 1, 2, 3 years down the road. I also offer business value maximizing advice. Ask me about it when you schedule a call.

What if I engage a valuation from you and require help selling my business after?

I am happy to discuss transaction advisory that can maximize your business sale with you over the phone. However, I do not broker (help you find buyers) and I feel that the best people to put their business in the best light is always the owners themselves. They just need professional guidance to navigate the nuances of the process.

How fast can you complete the report?

The typical report is completed within 5-7 business days.

Why is a valuation important before I buy/sell a business?

Even a home, where recent comparable data is available, is appraised before it is sold. A business is much more complex and unique than a home in the neighborhood. No one wants to leave $30,000 or more on the table just to save a small fraction of that on a valuation

Which countries do you serve?

I focus on clients in US and Canada however business valuations are mostly similar worldwide. If you are from outside US/Canada, drop me an inquiry for a quick chat.

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