High Performance Business Sale & Acquisitions for SMEs

Small Medium Business Valuations and Advisory Services

Kairos Business Advisory is disrupting the DIY small business sale and acquisition marketplace. We know many people prefer to go at it alone and only require occasional expert advice. 

We offer affordable business valuations and bespoke transaction advisory services to help maximize the outcome of the sale or acquisition transaction for clients. 

At Kairos Business Advisory, you will get decades of “battle tested” inner circle techniques used by M&A professionals never taught in business schools that not just help you avoid mistakes but can help maximize the outcome of a transaction.

Daniel Tan

Daniel brings with him 19 years of expertise in M&A (merger and acquisitions) deal-making, business valuation, acquisition/startup capital, and business management. He heads Kairos Business Advisory as Principal and is still an active investor in private equity deals.

His expertise is offered through Kairos Business Advisory, where he provides unparalleled transaction advisory services. In addition to his commitment to Kairos, Daniel remains actively involved in the dynamic world of M&A, diligently overseeing deals for Quadra Global Capital Corp.

Over the span of his career, he has engaged in a diverse range of deals, encompassing both small and large transactions, with values ranging from $500,000 in main street to $225 million in mid-market deals. His involvement in various aspects of M&A, such as negotiations, financial modeling, capital funding, financial and operational optimizations. 

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