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Sell your business yourself and get as much as 50% more cash without paying expensive commissions and fees. 

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Almost all businesses being sold today have an inefficent structure. This means that when brokers sell your business, the inefficiencies are sold with it and you leave money on the table.

Sometimes, these can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, for every $1M in business value, there could be as much as $50,000 to $400,000 cash stuck in a business as working or fixed asset capital.

We can help you optimize this, free up cash, and help you get more cash when you sell your business.

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What you will learn after you speak with a business sale expert.

Review the Business

I will review the current state of your business, potential value and where we will be able to give your objectives a boost.

Estimate Your Exit Price Range

I will briefly go through the methods we use to maximize your exit cash. Get as much as 20-50% more cash upon an exit sale of your business.

Determine our compatibility

I only work with clients that I can provide significant value to. We will assess the potential outcome together and determine if we are a good fit.

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About Daniel Tan

Daniel brings with him 19 years of expertise in M&A (merger and acquisitions) deal-making, business valuation, acquisition/startup capital, and business management. He has engaged in a diverse range of deals, encompassing both small and large transactions, with values ranging from $500,000 in main street to $225 million in mid-market deals. His involvement in various aspects of M&A, such as negotiations, financial modeling, capital advisory, financial and operational optimizations. During his time in private equity deals, he has learned robust financial optimization techniques which he is now making available for advisory clients to help skyrocket the cash they get when they exit their business.

Results Delivered

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Samuel McLeodSamuel McLeod
23:24 03 May 23
Daniel is very knowledgeable and has done an excellent job of completing Valuations for us over the past couple of years. Daniel’s professional developments and career choices have given him a broad spectrum of understanding in acquisitions from the lender, seller and buyer point of view. Daniel’s professionalism, prompt responses and completion of Valuations on time has made it a pleasure working with him.I highly recommend Daniel’s services for consulting and his expertise in performing Valuations.Sam McLeodCommercial Broker
Perry M. AndersonPerry M. Anderson
14:07 28 Apr 23
We have collaborated with and engaged Kairos on several of our deals. They consistently provide top-level deliverables, prompt response and turnaround times - and overall, are a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!
Regan BrownRegan Brown
21:37 27 Apr 23
Dan has been an excellent asset to our team and has provided us with top-tier business valuation services. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience in the field. He has a keen eye for detail and always ensures that we receive accurate and reliable valuations.We have worked with Dan on many occasions, and he has consistently delivered exceptional results. He is professional, fast, and always ensure that our needs, and the need of our clients are met. He has been an invaluable resource to our organization, and we are grateful for his expertise.
alex and katie popovalex and katie popov
02:43 27 Apr 23
We engaged Kairos Business Advisory for a valuation of our business. They were upfront with lots of useful information about the process, the methodology behind it, necessary documents from our side, pricing for the service and timelines. We were pleasantly surprised by how punctual they were in their communication with us, the follow up questions, and the delivery of the final report. Overall - 5 star experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not brokers and do not charge commissions. So you can save 10-12% of your hard earned equity when you sell your business. We offer a 3 month starter support until your buisness “Go To Market”. Thereafter, you can choose to continue to retain us for monthly support if needed.

Business brokers charge 10-12% success fee for selling your business. So if your business is $1M, that’s $100K in commissions. Much of the work answering buyer inquiries and meeting serious buyers can be done by you. You are the best person to promote your business in the best light with the most enthusiam. We are there for you in the beginning to value your business, help you in some business “housekeeping”, create marketing brochures, and to coach you on the entire business sale process. You will also receive a business seller’s package with guides, templates, instructions, and checklists that you can use for the entire business sale process after our 3 month engagement ends. You also have the option to engage us on a monthly retainer if you feel you need more support.

Yes, you absolutely can! Since we are not brokers and do not charge by success based commission, you are free to “test” the market with any price you wish. Most brokers would want you to price at market or sometimes a little lower so that your business can sell quicker and require less work. While the chance of a successful sale is much lower if you price is too high, there are always a one off luck you may get a bluesky offer. 

If you decide not to sell it after “testing” the market and take the business off the market, all the valuation reports and brochues we created for you just need to be updated. There will be a nominal fee next time you list again and need an update. We will just charge you the monthly retainer. Or you can do it yourself without us.

We will require 5-7 business days for the valuation report to be complete and another 7-10 business days for the marketing brochure (Confidential Information Memorandum) to be complete. These are just time for work on our end. Most clients also require time to gather the information for us and might need from 5-15 days. We can move as fast as you deliver the information to us. So it can be as quick as 2 weeks or up to a month.

Selling a business is not as straight forward as listing a business, talking with buyers and signing an agreement. Many nuances business sale professionals assist in help to protect your business from damage and we have processes to maintain confidentiality and screen for serious buyers. Kairos also has a proprietary process where we can identify financial optimizations that can boost the cash proceeds from your business sale bu 20-50%. This means if your business is worth $1M you could get up to $1.2M to 1.5M after an optimization process. Financial Optimizations are a private equity trade secret and unknown to normal mainstreet brokers.

I focus on clients in US and Canada however we can work with clients in most parts of the world. Drop us a message for a chat.

Why Choose Us?

We are not business brokers. We are strategic M&A advisors with very practical and proven acquisition methods that will have us running circles round mainstreet brokers. When you choose to work with Kairos, it will be like having your own in-house Merger & Acquisitions expert for a small fraction of the cost. Schedule a call now and ask us about our flexible fee arrangement to fit your needs.


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